Friday, July 18, 2008

happy birthday mandela

today is nelson mandela's 90th birthday.  this is amazing because revolutionaries normally don't get to live that long.  mandela began fighting apartheid when it was first enacted in 1948 and actually lived to see it end in 1994 and after spending nearly 27 years in prison, he became the country's first elected president

i don't feel like giving all the background about mandela because we all have access to the same resources to learn about him, but i encourage those of you who don't know this man's legacy to learn it.  

even at 90 he is still doing work to fight poverty and the hiv/aids epidemic with his organization 46664 (named after mandela's prison number).  for his birthday wish he said that he'd like to see the rich share their riches with those not so fortunate so poverty can be conquered and many more people can live to be 90 years old
mandela, happy birthday, you life continues to be an inspiration to all of us fighting to change this world for the better

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