Tuesday, September 23, 2008

cop that shit


i have this theory about the music industry that if you are an artist trying to get exposure, you have to have somebody vouch for you, a "co-sign" so to speak.  someone respected in the industry to convince people that you are worthy of listeners taking a chance on your music.  okp does a lot of cosigning for new artists; wale, blu are the ones that pop into my head but think about it, with so many talented artists out there, and our laziness that keeps us from actively seeking out new hot shit, its just easier for our "icons" to tell us who to listen to.  not saying that im any better than anyone *pause* yes i am.  call me a lame but i spend hours daily just searching out for new artists; mostly through chasing the white rabbit via peoples "top friends" list.  you know...go to one of your friends top friends (i have a lot of artist friends)...then pick random people on their "top friends" and if theyre artists...listen to their music.  by doing that ive found...

algebra blessett
raydar ellis
fresh daily
stef jones

and plenty others like jazmin sullivan. 

 maybe 2 years ago i read something about a new artist named jazmin sullivan and put in my mind and started looking her up and if found a youtube clip of her on the apollo when she was 11 and i was blown away; check it.  she just seemed like a rising star

...enter need you bad earlier this year...missy produced, with the sick jamaican influenced beat, and jazmins crazy vocals...and it made an instant smash.  now shes released her debut album and im definitely going to buy it because its our responsibility to support dope artists...

fittingly, in the words jazmin sullivan's cosigner missy elliot:

Dj in the mix shows/ you better go to the record store/and

and to the bootleggers dubbin the bootlegs/ we breakin off both of your legs

stop burnin cds from your friends/ im a say it again/ cmon

cause its the hottest shit out on the streets so when you hear the cd/go

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