Friday, July 25, 2008

the bucks stops here (i couldn't help myself)

so starbucks announced that it will be closing 600 of its underperforming stores, and the fiends went crazy.  there is a comprehensive list for consumers to check and it has resulted in petitions and letter writing campaigns from patrons pretty much begging the corporation to keep their locations open.  yo coffee, is a i mean really; its like cocaine lite, comes from the same plant and everything.  i guess what strikes me the most about the starbucks closing response is how silly it is; it reeks of opulence and selfishness

1.  there's a starbucks damn near few blocks/ miles or so; i've been in san francisco and seen two locations literally a block away from each other and i know specifically in a suburb of my hometown of minneapolis there is one on 55th and brooklyn blvd and another one on 69th.  re route your schedule if its really that serious

2.  how dare you support a corporation like starbucks with grassroots methods like petitioning and letter writing.  the corporation has over 7000 locations nationwide and has been taking significant business away from many small coffee shops that serve breakfast, have better baked goods, play better music, have open mic nights and free wireless internet! (i wouldn't know if the coffee is better because i don't drink coffee)

3.  if you want to protest something that has to do with starbucks closing, how bout considering the 12,000 employees that will lose their jobs in a time where a st
eady job is hard to find.  if you think that you have some power as a starbucks consumer, how about demanding that they brew fair trade coffee

but then again, when's the last time you heard a crack head caring about the social responsibility of the pusher...

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