Friday, July 25, 2008

you know what i hate #2

baggage claim!!
common sense is seldom used in airports; but its at its worst when its comes to the baggage claim.  people act like its a concert staring...the bags.  they rush the conveyor belt as if being closer will ensure that their bags come out more quickly.  they all crowd the belt following bags that "look like" theirs, grabbing them to check the tags, only to throw them back on the belt, oooooor; they have their kids stand in the front knowing that they're not strong enough to pick up the bag if it were to appear right before them.

so during all this commotion i just sit back and then i see my bag come drop down and then i weave and bob between the onlookers as i swoop up my shit, chuck the deuces, and laugh at the losers looking at me like i magically made my bag appears while they wait for theirs.

so now, i try to stuff everything into 2 carryons

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