Friday, July 11, 2008


so, around midnight i drove past the apple store on michigan avenue in chicago to see if anyone was camped out for the release of the 3g iphone and low and behold...there the people were.  now apparently this new iphone is better than the first released version for many reasons; its faster, cheaper, thinner, it has better applications and ITS NEW!  although the g3 iphone will eventually be available in 170 countries, the initial release is limited to 17 countries, so those who get their hands on one will have some serious bragging rights.

so around 5pm i walked past the store again to see if there were still people waiting in line to get the 3g ihpones... can't see it in the pic but the line is all the way down the block...

i suppose that camping out for something you really want is worth it.  honestly though, i can't think of many thing's id camp out for.  maybe because things i'm passionate about aren't generally that popular.  as much of a sneakerhead i am, i couldn't imagine myself camping out to buy a pair.  i already am trying to reconcile my material appetite with my abhorrence for american capitalism, i'll be damned if i wait in line for the latest (fill in "must have" consumer good) and give myself more time to think about it.  

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