Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summertime chi...

so i'm here, in chicago to spend a week...of my summer.  gotta love it.  its gonna be a blast.  so in true david letterman fashion i'm going to give you the top 10 reasons why i love chicago in the summer

10.  the daytime events....hella festivals, live performances, block parties and what not

9.  the cta...even without a whip i can get around pretty well

8.  the shopping...2 words, magnificent mile

7.  the skyline...depending on where you're coming from, it can cover the entire horizon, amazing!

6.  the attractions...that bean is intriguing, then when you add things like the museums and zoos, the fountain and shit, its pretty fun

5.  the night life...i dont really club but whenever i get the inkling to, there are places in the chi that i can go to get my fix

4.  the landscape...maybe its because i got my undergrad degree here in public policy but i can see the city's history and future play out in the building and layout of the different neighborhoods

3.  the walking down the "beach" or drivin up lake shore drive, its an awesome compannion

2.  the food....the food here is like nowhere else, the deep dish pizza is just the tip of the iceberg

and the number one reason i love chicago in the summer...

1.  the people...c'mon, people make the world go round and my chi town folks...they're great

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leandra said...

I feel you! I love Chicago in summer.

"If it wasn't for Chicago's winters, everybody would live there. If it wasn't for Chicago's summer's, nobody would live there." -Anonymous

Whoever said this knows the city very well.