Monday, September 8, 2008

song of the day

Expensive Shit / He Miss Road
water get no enemy - fela kuti

i dont really know what i can say about fela except that his music is such an inspiration both musically and politically.  i started listening to fela common paid tribute to him on the like water for chocolate album.  i started listening to this music called afrobeat (a mix of jazz and funk horns and african percussion) and i loved it.  the songs were super long but they just provided a nice groove.  even though some of the songs had no words, or words in nigerian pidgin the titles were always political and it got me interested in reading about fela and his political efforts to end corruption in nigeria.  he tried to run for president but was denied candidacy, he declared his band seperate from the nation of nigeria because of its corruption and he was a strong believer in black power, pan-africanism, socialism but mostly human rights and his music spoke to that.  even though i could never understand the words, i could feel the sentiment by the music.  his spirit and his legacy live on everytime his son takes the stage or somebody samples his music to make a dope ass beat.


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