Monday, September 8, 2008

...speaking of fela

right now in nyc there is a musical running that is dedicated to the life and music of fela and from what i hear it is absolutely amazing.  its playing at 37 arts which is located at 450 w.37th street between 9th and 10th avenue

37 Arts Map
the bad news is that the shows run will be very limited and it ends on september 21. (im trying so hard to get to nyc for it)

shows are offered at the following times

sept 4-sept 14: tuesday @ 7pm; wednesday-friday @ 8pm; saturday @ 2pm, 8pm

sept 16-21: tuesday @ 7pm; wednesday-friday @ 8pm; saturday @ 2pm, 8pm; sunday @2pm

tickets and parking will cost about $100 but cmon, thats less than a pair of jordans and if youre still not convinced that it is a well worth it experience, check out the promo video


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