Saturday, July 5, 2008

sister sister

Photo Titled Williams pep talk

with all the talk about serena (possibly) dating common, venus being engaged to a white guy and the fact that neither of them are participating in the 2008 presidential election because they're jehovah's witnesses, it seems as though the general public had forgotten that venus and serena williams are the best two american women's tennis players in the world; frequenting sites like mediatakeout and bossip will do that to you.  

but tommorow at 2pm england time (thats 8 am for me here in central standard) the two will play for one of the biggest grand slam titles in the game of tennis; wimbeldon.  this is  going to be better than saturday morning cartoons!  all i need is a big bowl of crunchberries or goldengrams...waaaaait how about i mix the two cereals together...hmmm i will call them golden-crunch-gram-berries.  yes!

sorry, i digress

 the beauty of this match up is that the sisters seem to be back to rare form where they are dominating the scene. not since 2002 2003 when the sisters met in the finals of the wimbeldon twice and the u.s., french and australian open tournaments, have we have the privilege of watching the two go at it.  between the two they have 6 wimbeldon titles between them; venus have 4 and serena has 2  ill definitely be tuned in to see if venus can finally beat her younger sister, who she hasn't beaten in a final since 2001

i don't even care who wins, this is going to be the best tennis match of the season!  somewhere up in heaven, althea gibson is smiling

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