Tuesday, July 1, 2008

who am i...wu-tang?

actually i am charity clay; thats the name my father gave me and i try to embody it. charity meaning love and clay meaning from the dirt; so i try to sincerely show love and stay grounded.

i have a lot of aliases, so many in fact i should be wearing pink and green. *pause*

i'm currently a phd student at texas a&m univers
ity in the sociology department. im finishing up my thesis on hip hop. the premise is on allowing members of the culture to establish the foundation for understanding it instead of letting outside researcher that are not a part of it use negative representations as the basis for their analyses of the culture (you can inquire about it), its going to be dope. i study hip hop because im a hip hop head. i honestly believe that hip hop has largely shaped me into the person i am, and i know other people who feel the sam
e. unfortunately, our voices have been silenced in academia because we haven't had our own scholars. I think that this generation of hip hop heads who are beginning their professional careers now are in the position to recapture show positive representations of our culture and redefine it on our own terms instead of accepting what we hear about us. i see our position not only as a wonderful opportunity but as a responsibility to the culture that has made us who we are.
i'm a lyricist extraordinaire. i make music because i love it and i have important things to say, that are articulated well over rhythms.  my lyrical influences are (in no particular order): 
elzhilauryn hill
black thought
jean grae
i take influences from other singers and musicians and get inspiration from everything that the most high has blessed me to experience.  i'm currently working on both a spoken word album and my rap album . badu said that being humble was 2007 so i will say that i am pretty good and by good i mean i think i can hold my own with anybody.  but i'll let you check that out for yourself and be the judge. click here to experience my lyrical abilities i welcome all collaborations and you can contact my manager for booking hahaha

in a previous life; before a near fatal accident where i was a pedestrian struck by a car; i was one of the best basketball players in this country...my jump shot is still cash money for anyone who wants to go shot for shot.  my phd research will be about black women and basketball.  i've noticed that there is a lot done about black men and sports, but very little research about black women and sports so i'm hoping to fill that gap a bit

besides a little bit of everything,  i don't do much (c) beanie sigel.  hopefully you'll get bits and pieces of me through these posts

simply stated... charity is for the children...

...kinda like wu-tang

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