Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is guerrilla intellectualism

guerrilla intellectualism is a term i've used to describe the method of young people like myself. The current generation of budding leaders who respectfully challenge the way that our leaders have done things in the past. With no intention of re-creating the wheel we are able to critically look at the mistakes and successes made in the past by those with the same goals of liberating the minds, bodies and spirits of mankind.

the first time i used this term it was in an effort to explain why i considered stealing gunnar myrdal's book an american dilemma: the negro problem and modern democracy (a must read) from my university library; the justification was the acquisition of knowledge by any means necessary. although it was initially a joke, and the term seemed a bit oxymoronic initially (considering that intellectuals are considered people of thought and little action, and guerrillas are considered to be the opposite), i found it fitting for the way i approached my studies. i've never been the type to learn things just for the sake of knowing them, the purpose is to share knowledge and try to build with others. and that, is the purpose of this blog


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leandra said...

i love that you started a blog. i'm putting you on the blogroll.