Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Minneapolis Minnesota
i had somebody at my school ask me if i was from minnesota (its had for people to believe that there really are black people there even though the twin cities is 30% black).  i replied yes but i knew the question was loaded.  the person then went on to ask me how i feel about the republican national convention being held there and what it says about the area.  remember now people...i am currently living in...texas.  so i responded

it makes sense for the republicans to try to mobilize and get support in minnesota, it is only one of the most progressive states in the country.  both the senate and the house have twice as many democrats than republicans.  speaking specifically for minneapolis, its one of the best places to live...and not just because it's my hometown.

-it was recently ranked the most literate city; our school systems public and private are among the est in the country

-we headquarter tons of fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies so the employment opportunities for young professionals is great

-we have one of the cleanest and healthiest cities in the country

-we have the best of all seasons; statistical fact that the twin cities has the greatest variation of temperatures in the world

-we have amazing facilities for entertainment; museums, restaurants, galleries, parks, theaters, blah blah blah

-the state fair; quite possibly the only state whose state fair is in the metropolitan area 

-we have a progressive tax system, great healthcare benefits

-wonderful housing accommodations

-diversity; all jokes aside because i know how that word is thrown around so loosely

-ok our sports teams currently suck...but people still support them hahaha

i could go on and on and on but theres a point to be made and its trying to figure out why the republican party would want so badly to turn the state of minnesota red...simple as that.  plus there was all this talk about mccain selecting minnesota governor tim pawlenty as his running mate...which wouldve really made sense

minnesota governor tim pawlenty

a little bit about pawlentys track racord

-since being governor in 2002 he took the $4.5 billion dollar deficit and turned it into a $2.2 billion surplus.

-he spent $800 million dollars to improve the school systems

-developed health care reforms with no increase in premiums and one of the best perscription drug plans in the nation

-increased the state's ethanol standards to increase the use of alternative fuels and lower the dependence on foreign oil

so he's done good things for the state...now mccain would choose him for his track record and the fact that he has the following positions

-protecting the traditional idea of marriage

-harsher sentencing for criminals (including a proposition to reinstate the death penalty in 

-proposed an illegal immigration task force

-believes in faith based initiatives

-supports performance pay systems for both teachers and politicians

see! he would've been a great choice for republican vice president and it wouldve definitely went over well to have the convention in his home state, and possibly been a factor in turning minnesota into a red state; considering the great things that governor pawlenty has done for the state, many minnesotans (who arent convinced by senator obama, would definitely consider voting for pawelnty because of his history of improving conditions for the people he represents.

so there...that's why the republican national convention is being held in the twin cities...now somebody in texas tell me why our library is named after george bush and there are statues on campus erected to ku klux clan grand wizards!


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