Wednesday, September 3, 2008

song of the day

nautilus - bob james

just a little crate digging for the heads out there.  if you arent familiar with bob james, dude was crazy ill on the keys and equally with the composition.  even if you havent heard of him youve heard his work sampled.  of the top of my head i can name some tracks that sampled different elements of this song...

*slick rick: childrens story
*eric b and rakim: let the rhythm hit em
*ghostface killah: daytona 5000
*wale: daytona squared

and my personal favorite use of the song in a sample

murs: murray's revenge...9th put his foot in that

im sure there are many others anybody know any i didnt name, feel free to hit me with em.  i guess nas wasnt lying when he said in carry on tradition "i coulda made a double lp just by samplin different parts of nautilus" he wasnt lyin.  this song is a producers dream and anybody who wants to chop it up and give it to me to spit over...i welcome it.


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