Thursday, September 4, 2008 dont have to say a word

did i hear senator mccains speech  but i didnt hear senator obamas until the day after it aired either...but in both situations i did check the facebook status updates.  in both cases i saw people claim that the senators respective speeches moved them to tears!  tears, i guess im too cynical to be moved to tears by the rhetoric of career politicians, especially those who dont address the issues most important to me.  i also saw facebook status about how horrible john mccains speech was, but none about how bad obamas was, only about how he failed to address certain issues (as is customary for all good politicians).  point being that i realized that i have a large social network with bleeding hard liberals, ultra conservatives and everyone in between, as well as those beyond the spectrum of the two considered extreme positions.  through these facebook status updates though, i am able to get some insight into the mentalities of these people.  like the white male conservative who quotes 50 cent but considers it out of the question to even consider voting for barak obama.  or the black feminist who has damn near nakked pictures next to quotes about women respecting their bodies and how men should stop objectifying them.  tying it in to the recent events was a status message by a high school classmate of mine who is currently in the military and has served in the war whose status said that mccains speech brought him to tears...knowing what we (should) know about the iraq conflict and what mccain plans to do about it...and the impact it will have on not only him but many of his comrades...he still supports mccain and his plans for the country...people are complex. lot of megalomaniacs out there (see me using the word of the day) if you really 

just watch the updates you can learn a lot....its written all over your face(book)


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